Our Resources

  1. Room equipment
  2. Outdoor equipment

Room equipment

We pride ourselves on providing a ‘home away from home’ for our babies and children, whom we care for each day.

All of our rooms are well-equipped with brand new and quality furniture and toys, appropriate to the age group and developmental levels of each individual child and, all the children we care for, collectively.

The babies’ rooms are furnished with wooden cots with high quality mattresses, and change tables.

All cot sheets and blankets/linen are provided, as are nappies.

We have endeavoured to create a natural look throughout the Centre.  Our resources extend to outdoors, where our playground highlight includes a beautiful, 100 year old, cedar boat surrounded by ‘oceans and rocks’ and undulating fully grassed/naturally turfed surrounds where children can run, roll, explore and use their imaginations.

We encourage self sustainability in many forms, including our lovely large and long garden for vegetables, herbs, flowers, natives and fruit tree/s.

The herbs and vegetables grown compliment the composting and worm farming going on. These are all integrated into the daily menu and learning for the children each day.

We encourage a community and family feel as well as learning through as many natural and meaningful experiences as possible.  We also invite guests to our centre, such as CSIRO (workshops), and other fun learning throughout the year/s.

Outdoor equipment

The outdoor area features two separate play yards one for our 0-2 year olds and the other for our toddler and pre-school groups (2 – 5 years).  Each yard has its own over sized sandpit.

Our beautiful natural turf grass extends both playgrounds, and we believe children benefit enormously from the feel, smell and use of such lovely surfaces and textures.

Children can climb, run, roll, jump or relax, according to their choices and interests as the playground has contoured ‘hills’ and furrows, safe and encouraging climbing areas.  There are also a balance of quieter areas for lazing with a storybook, painting or craft, construction, building, dress ups and home corners.

These all compliment our natural look and feel as we believe that quality learning and explorative environments can be extremely beneficial, both short and long term, for each individual child during these crucial early years.

Children are free to explore, create, imagine and form healthy and strong neurological and other important developmental milestones including:

Social – such as sharing and taking turns

Emotional – such as resilience

Cognitive –  language, physical, gross and fine motor, co-ordination, balance etc

Spiritual – sense of wellbeing, self concept etc

All of this in a warm, supportive and nurturing environment, conducive to their development and learning as well as parental desires and choices.

Our quality educators guide and encourage each children at their own pace in a warm and supportive manner.  They enjoy watching each child grow and develop just as parents and friends do.  They enjoy each small milestone and effort and communicate so to each child and family at every given opportunity.