For parents

  1. The enrolment process
  2. What the Centre provides
  3. What to bring
  4. What to expect
  5. Delivery of your child
  6. Collection of your child
  7. Special excursions
  8. Fees and benefits
  9. Communication
  10. Protecting our children

The enrolment process

Our Administrator, Jade, maintains the enrollments and waiting list.

Please discuss any of your child’s interests and/or child’s needs with our Director Lucy, as well as with Jade, during the enrolment process.

You are welcome to visit our Centre at any time, we recommend calling in advance to ensure we are able to give you our undivided attention.

Enrollment is finalised when enrolment forms are signed and a place is confirmed with administration, we ask that your first two week’s fees are paid in full prior to your child starting with us at Over the Moon.  Upon enquiring we will provide you with an information pack which will include our:

  • Parent Handbook
  • Enrollment form
  • Child Profile form

What we provide

We know you are busy so we provide; nappies(up to 3 years), sheets, lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea and sunscreen.  We have a full kitchen and cook onsite each day, our menu is well balanced and we provided substantial meals, snacks and fluids throughout the day.  All meals are prepared fresh onsite each day by our cook which allows us to accommodate individual children’s dietary requirements.

We welcome children from birth to 6 years old.

Our operating hours are:  7am to 6pm , Monday to Friday.

We close on gazetted public holidays and for two weeks over Christmas – no fees are charged for these periods.

For our fees, please see “Fees and benefits”.

What to bring

All we ask you to pack each day is spare set(s) of clothes, and a broad brimmed sunhat.

If you child is still formula or breast fed we do ask that families provide bottles and formula/breast milk.

All personal items such as shoes and clothing should be labelled with your child’s name as items can be easily misplaced in a long day care environment.

Comfort items, such as a comfy blanket or dummy are fine to bring and should also be labelled with your child’s name.

If your child is toilet training, it is handy to include a few extra sets of underwear.

What to expect

On the first day you will be greeted and supported to settle your child in.  This will assist in  your child feeling comfortable and happy.

We will show you how to sign your child and out.

Take your time to settle your child in, say ‘goodbye’ and let them know you will return later.  We can help with some ideas if your child is unsettled.  We will also let you know if it continues, although the majority of children settle in well in their own time.  We will help children to feel included in all activities and parts of our day at Over the Moon.

A locker/special bag hook is available for each child to store their (labelled) bag/backpak.

You are welcome, and encouraged, to visit the Centre with your child before he or she starts.  You can do as many or as few ‘orientation’ type visits prior to your child’s first day however it is a requirement that a parent/guardian remains on premises for these visits.

Please take as much time as you need to get familiar with our routines, environment, and our lovely staff and ask as many questions as you feel you need.  We understand that it is often confronting to leave your child in a new environment and we would like to assist all family members in ensuring a positive partnership is formed.

Please feel free to discuss any questions with our Director, Administrator and Educators.

Delivery of your child

Please allow plenty of time when bringing your child into the Centre and picking them up.

Only authorised adults over 18 years can drop off and collect your child.  These people will be known to the Centre from the copies of the photographic ID that you provide.  If they are not well-known, they may be asked to show their ID.

Collection of your child

Don’t feel rushed when you collect your child.

Each room has daily reflections in their room, and technology such as laptops are also often used to show details of the children’s individual and collective learning and fun activities throughout each day.

The younger children have day sheets near the sign-in area which detail each child’s food and liquid intake, periods of rest, and nappy changes or toilet visits.  These day sheets are for you and you are encouraged to take them with you of an afternoon so you can see exactly how your child’s day has been.

We are not allowed to have children in the Centre outside of the approved hours on our license.  You must let the Centre know if you are running late to pick up your child.  A late fee may be applicable.

Special excursions

We like to have excursions from time to time, which you are most welcome to join.  Parents are notified of these at least two weeks beforehand.

Fees and benefits

The fees must be paid for every day that your child is enrolled, with the exception of gazetted public holidays and the Christmas shutdown period.

Our preference for fee payment is via direct funds transfer to the Over the Moon bank account.  Bank details are provided at the time of enrolment and can be re-issued to you at any time.  We also have EFTPOS facilities which you can use if you would prefer.  We do not keep cash on premises and, as such, are unable to accept cash payment for fees.

Many parents are entitles to either Child Care Benefit (CCB), Child Care Rebate (CCR) or both.  Families will need to contact Centrelink to have their entitlement to these subsidies assessed; we are unable to do this for you.  Centrelink can be contacted on 13 61 50 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.


We keep you up-to-date with your child’s activities and achievements at the Centre.

Day sheets for 0-2 year olds, daily reflections, slide shows etc when available.  Parents and friends are also encouraged to make suggestions, and offer feedback.

Also, we shall also notify you of planned events, via:

  • -       Website (
  • -       Noticeboards in lobby
  • -       Monthly newsletters
  • -       Day sheets (younger group)
  • -       Daily reflections (older group)
  • -       Notices in parent pockets (in hallway)
  • -       Parent discussions and interviews
  • -       Facebook (closed group) only families attending Over the Moon are permitted to be a part of this group

Protecting our children

The Centre has a legal duty of care to providing a safe environment for each child.  Our educators’ position of trust obliges them to protect all of the Centre’s children from any source of harm.

Please let our Director know if your child is subject to a Family Law Court Order.  We are also required to report any suspected or significant harm to children in our care.