About Us

  1. Who we are
  2. Our philosophies
  3. Our intention

Who we are

Over the Moon Early Learning Centre provides East Maitland and surrounding areas with an exceptional, modern and new childcare centre.  Our centre was  purpose-built to the highest quality standards yet holds onto its own special charm and characteristics that are relevant to exceptional fun, learning and develepment  for the OTMELC community and its surrounds.

Our Centre is operated collaboratively by the Director, Administrator and our team of educators.  There is also strong support from owners/licensees who work together in strong partnership to provide the best for each and every child and family.

All of our dedicated educators are passionate about early childhood learning, development and play.

Our Director, Lucy Bambach, has been in the industry for 9 years and is passionate about children being independent and confident learners in a safe and secure environment where they can feel supported whilst engage and explore their interests and strengths.  Lucy holds a Diploma Children’s Services and has worked in varying different child related environments.

Our mission is for each child to be immersed in a warm, supportive, enriched and secure environment during their time at the Centre.

This is condusive with the principals of the Early Years Learning Framework of ‘being’, ‘becoming’ and ‘belonging’

All of our lovely educators and staff bring special strengths and qualities.

All Educators  and Administration are highly qualified at varying levels in childcare, and other relevant areas of study and experience.  All have experience in many and varied childcare settings, and are highly commended on several levels.

Our Director:  Lucy

Our Administrator:  Jade

Our Cook:  Sylvia

Our Educators:

Preschool – Emma, Carolyn, Zac, Caitlyn and Terri-Anne

Cuddly Kittens (2-3yrs) – Angela, Majella and Sarah

Shining Moons (1-2yrs) – Allen, Caryn, Mary and Brittney

Shooting Stars (0-1yrs) – Ashlee, Olivia, Renee, Eloise and Lenice

Floating/Casual educators – Mikayla

Photos are coming soon but can be viewed in the centre foyer.

All staff members are active and valued within the Maitland and other communities in various specialties and fields.  All volunteer their own time and effort in many ways.  This attitude and commitment is relayed in their work and value ethics.

Some have international and other special experiences and qualities which are also conveyed when planning, implementing and evaluating learning experiences.

We draw on this, and like to provide cultural experiences which are meaningful and respectful to all throughout the year.

Our philosophies

We draw upon the philosophies of child psychologists and learning experts such as Steiner, Montessori, Piaget, Reggio Amellio and Vygotsky, to guide and shape children’s behaviour through these crucial early years.

Our educators  plan and implement short and long term learning goals for your child, and encourage your child to develop as a whole person.

Your child thus develops self-confidence and knowledge, and builds a strong foundation for future learning and meaningful interactions with society.

We build our programs and learning  from EYLF, the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum.  Our philosophy and programs are proudly displayed throughout each room for parental viewing.  We welcome feedback and encourage interests and suggestions which further motivate, stimulate and encourage learning and fun.

Our intention

Our intention is to work in partnership with families, recognising that parents are the first teachers of their children.  We value motherhood and fatherhood, and endeavour to support and integrate family values, attitudes and practices as we travel this precious early learning journey with your child.

We regard each  as an individual with special qualities, interests and personalities.  We endeavour to build each child’s sense of belonging to their community and their self-confidence.  We support and encourage the growth and development of all our children.  You, as a parent or guardian, can feel safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving the best possible care.  We look forward to travelling this journey with you and your child!